Laws of Tag Rugby

Social Laws will be played at Mallow RFC Tag Rugby Festival 2018.

Matches will last 15 minutes, one half of 15 minutes, all matches will start and finish on the hooter.

  • All players must wear approved tag shorts. Tag belts are not permitted.

  • A player must not wear any item that is sharp or abrasive. No jewelry, earrings or spectacles are allowed on the pitch.

  • A match shall last 15 minutes.

  • A team must not have more than 7 players on the pitch at any one time, with a minimum of 3 girls on the pitch.

  • All team members must sign the team sheet. A squad can be made up of 12 players.

  • In the event of an injury or someone being late to a game, a team must have a minimum of 5 players is required to start the game, one of which needs to be female.

  • A team has 5 tags to score a try. On the 6th tag, the ball will be turned over to the opposite team.

  • When a tag is removed, the defender must hold it in the air at the point where the tag was made, drop it and assume a marker position. The attacker must restart play by rolling the ball backwards between their legs to a team mate, from this point. The player may use their hand or foot to roll the ball backwards.

  • The marker must stand directly in front of the player conducting the ruck ball. The marker and the defensive line can only move forward when the ball is touched by the Scrum Half. The Scrum Half has three seconds to play the ball before possession is turned over.

  • A male player’s try is worth 1 point and a female player’s try is worth 3 pts.

  • Accelerator rule can be called by a team if they are playing more than 3 girls. In this case if 4 girls are on the pitch then a girl try is worth 4 pts and so on. The referee needs to be informed once the 4th girl comes on the pitch otherwise the extra point will not be rewarded if a girl try is scored.

  • To begin the match, a girl will kick off the game with the ball placed in the centre of the pitch, if she kicks the ball before the opponents try line and then goes over the dead ball line, there will be a drop off from receiving team from their try line. If the ball goes over the try line and directly into the dead ball area at the kick off, there will be a penalty back at the half way line for the receiving team.

  • Use of the foot is allowed to control the ball at kick off by the receiving side.

  • From a kick-off or grubber kick, if a collision is deemed likely to occur between the offensive and defensive player, the referee will blow up and offer a tag to the receiving team.

  • The ball carrier may spin 360° to avoid being tagged. However if contact is initiated in an attempt to spin, then a penalty will be awarded to the opposing team.

  • Ball kicked in open play cannot go higher than the referees shoulder.

  • A player may only use their hand to gather the ball. Use of the foot to flick the ball up to flick the ball up into a players hand is not permitted and sanctioned by penalty.

  • No Diving. Players are not allowed to dive for tries or to dive on the ball. If so, a penalty will be awarded against the diving player.

  • When a try is scored, the scoring team shall take a restart-kick from the half way line. Only girls are allowed to kick-off.

  • The ball carrier may stop and “surrender” their tags.

  • In open play, the ball may only be kicked from the hand. If the ball is kicked on the ground in open play, a penalty is awarded.

  • In group matches, the game shall be won by the team scoring the most points. If the score is equal or if both teams fail to score, then the game shall be a tie/draw. In the event of a tie in play-off games, extra time will be applied.

  • Extra time: In the event of a playoff match being tied at the end of normal time, an extra 5 minutes will be played. If there is no try scored within the 5 minutes of additional time, the team that scored first in normal time will be declared the winner.

  • Finals: Match will consist of two 10 minute halves.  If the final ends in a tie, an extra 5 minutes will be played. If there is no try scored within the 5 minutes of additional time, the team that scored first in normal time will be declared the winner.


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